Values & Assumptions

Our fundamental beliefs and values related to our Non-Chamber members and the general Village of Saukville community are:

  • A positive and professionally run chamber will be an asset for the Non-Chamber members as well as all participating members.
  • Our chamber will be a “Point of Contact” for outsiders who wish to know more about Saukville and will be an asset in promoting Saukville for our visitors.
  • Communication with Non-Chamber businesses will be ongoing and supportive in a manner, which promotes and attracts new Chamber members.

What are the major assumptions upon which our chamber will provide value, first to our members and then to the non-members and to the community as a whole? 

We assume:

  • The fully staffed chamber organizational system including board members, the Executive Director, and any other necessary positions are all collectively working in a positive and professional manner for the members.
  • The leadership of the chamber will be effective to the extent we work together in an environment based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Our members will support and appreciate their involvement in the chamber to the extent they do receive appropriate value in return and the chamber leadership team must work hard to win that respect.
  • The services some of our chamber members provide are present within the community of Saukville and in many cases the provisioning of goods and services extend well beyond the geographic boundaries of the Village, the State of Wisconsin and in some cases beyond the boundaries of our country.
  • Our members and the overall community of Saukville are collectively very supportive of building a strong and vibrant Chamber of Commerce.