Membership Application

Membership Application Deadlines

Membership and associated annual “Dues” payments are a prime source of revenue for the Chamber. These contributions are essential for the chamber to create and carryout its annual program. For clarity, it is important that clearly defined administrative activities be defined to effectively manage the Membership Application and dues collection process. The Board of Directors will review this process on an annual basis with any updates or changes to be posted on this Site for our members. Also, changes may also be made to the Membership Application process during the year as may be deemed appropriate.

Dues Amounts/Levels

The Chamber Dues levels and tier structure for 2018 is displayed in the table below:

Company Size (FTEs)
Annual Dues


1 to 9 Employees

10 to 24 Employees

25 to 49 Employees

50 to 99 Employees

100 and over Employees

Annual Dues Renewal


Membership Level