Membership Application

Membership Application Deadlines

Membership and associated annual “Dues” payments are a prime source of revenue for the Chamber. These contributions are essential for the chamber to create and carryout its annual program. For clarity, it is important that clearly defined administrative activities be defined to effectively manage the Membership Application and dues collection process. The Board of Directors will review this process on an annual basis with any updates or changes to be posted on this Site for our members. Also, changes may also be made to the Membership Application process during the year as may be deemed appropriate.

Dues Amounts/Levels

The Chamber Dues levels and tier structure for 2014 is displayed in the table below:

Company Size (FTEs)
Annual Dues


1 to 9 Employees

10 to 24 Employees

25 to 49 Employees

50 to 99 Employees

100 and over Employees

Annual Dues Renewal

The annual Dues and Chamber Membership renewal process should begin after any Board level discussions and final approval at the October Board Meeting.  A link to a printable Membership Application form is provided below.  The annual membership campaign program begins on November 1st of each year. The target for receiving dues payments should be December 31st.  It is understood that some businesses may not be able to respond by this year end dead line, therefore, a grace period is established which will extend to January 31st of the following year.  During this grace period, all chamber members from the previous calendar year will have their membership extended and will be considered full members with all chamber rights and privileges.  Any business which has not paid their dues by January 31st will no longer be considered Chamber members and will be removed from this Web Site and other mailings.

Membership Communication

Communication with members who have not renewed by the December 31st deadline is a fundamentally important activity for membership retention.  This communication will be made by the Director Membership Services and/or the Executive Director via phone or Email.  The objective here is a positive two-way communication with each business leader and making sure they understand the positive aspects of maintaining their chamber membership.  If a business has not renewed their membership by January 31st, a formal letter should be sent to the business leader. All membership discussions which result in discontinuation should be recorded using special forms and recording processes which have been established.  The Director – Membership Services and/or the Executive Director will maintain records of discussion in a three ringed binder which will be available for review by the President, Executive Director and other board members as appropriate.

Annual Dues Proration by Quarter

It is understood that a business may join the chamber during the calendar year. The following schedule is established to prorate dues payments.

First Quarter
100% of full payment is required

Second Quarter
75% of full payment is required

Third Quarter
50% of full payment is required

Fourth Quarter
100% of full payment which includes payment for remaining current year and all of the next calendar year

Special Cases regarding Dues Payments

There may from time to time be situations where a business wishes to become a member or retain membership but are in a situation where they may not have the full means to pay their dues in accordance with established rates. Or, there may other factors to consider related to membership.  In such cases, the full Chamber Board will be required to review any such situation.  The business requesting such consideration will be asked to submit a formal request in writing (On their Letterhead or using electronic means via Email).   In addition, a Link to a printable form “Request for Special Dues Consideration” can be found below. Membership Application for this category of membership must be approved by the Board of Directors on an annual basis during the renewal program.

Special Membership rates for Non-Affililiated persons

The chamber has established a special annual rate of $25.00 for any individual person who may wish to join the chamber with a supportive intent.  These must be Non-Affililiated individuals who, in other words are not associated with any business.  Individuals in this category will not be provided a Web channel on the I Heart Saukville Site and will not be listed in the main chamber web site business directory. Membership Application for this category of membership must be approved by the Board of Directors on an annual basis during the renewal program.

Documents, Electronic Files and Retention Requirements

Dues which have been collected will be transferred to the Chamber Treasurer and will become a record of membership.  All other communications will be retained in a “Membership Communications” binder by the Director – Membership Services.  This binder may be reviewed by the full Board of Directors or by any member of the Board at any time.